In Palermo, citizens decide how to use the tourist tax collected through Airbnb

Since April, Airbnb has been working with the Municipality of Palermo on providing a digital solution for the city to receive and remit the tourist tax. The collaboration has launched within the platform and the citizens of Palermo will now be able to decide how to use the tourist tax.  

The tourist tax regulation allows those within the tourism industry to keep 10% of the collected revenues. Airbnb is not going to claim that revenue but rather support  the citizens of Palermo to choose how to spend the revenue to improve the future of the city.


The City Hall has organized two workshops in the Ballarò and Danisinni neighborhoods on November 23rd and 24th in order to work with citizens and the Airbnb host community on deciding how to spend part of the tourist tax revenues that have been collected through our platform.

Organised with the SìHost association, the hosts of the city will facilitate the the two-day workshop. Citizens will be then involved in the most favourable ideas which have been proposed by the attendees.

The project is divided in different stages:

  1. On the 23rd and 24th November, the workshops will allow the citizens to share and create ideas with the support of the Airbnb community.  
  2. The three most well received ideas within each workshop will be dedicated to co-projecting. This phase will have participants, associations, local committees and the administration further developing these ideas.
  3. On January 2019 three projects in Ballarò and three projects in Danisinni will be online to be voted by citizens who will pick the winning one for each neighborhood. The projects will be funded with the 40,000 euros available.

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