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India with its innate sense of hospitality, as captured in the words, ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ (Guest is god) offers a great opportunity for home sharing. Unsurprisingly, Airbnb has found a welcoming home in Incredible India with a rich culture, fascinating history, a vibrant millennial crowd and high appetite for technology. Our Indian hosts - always ready with a smile on their face, sparing no efforts to offer the best hospitality and exuding genuine warmth for their guests - truly live up to the Indian value of treating guests as gods. Airbnb has consistently grown our homes and hosts in India through robust engagement of our host community, proactive partnerships with the Government and constant interactions with the local community, civil society organizations and other valuable stakeholders. Together with our hosts, we are committed to showcasing the real and authentic India and her unexplored treasures to the members of the Airbnb community. To further our commitment, Airbnb has signed partnerships with the Government of Gujarat, the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), a trade union of more than 2 million self-employed women members.

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