International Women’s Day: Women hosts on Airbnb earn almost $10bn in 2017

  • Women hosts in Thailand earn US$60 million (THB 1.89 billion)
  • The number of women hosts in Thailand increases by 32% in 2017

This International Women’s Day, Airbnb is celebrating the global community of women hosts who have found greater financial, professional, and social empowerment through hosting on Airbnb’s platform. Historically, women hosts have outnumbered men, and their impact continues to grow.

In celebration of our women hosts, Airbnb is thrilled to announce that in 2017 women hosts in Thailand earned a combined US$60 million (THB 1.89 billion), while the number of women hosts grew by 32% in 2017 to 13,160. Women currently make up 52% of all hosts in Thailand, and the typical income for women hosts was US$2,080 (THB65,400).

Mich Goh, Airbnb’s Head of Public Policy (Southeast Asia) says, “Last year, we were proud to announce that women made $10 billion on Airbnb since the company was founded in 2008. This year, we are thrilled to share that in the past year alone, women have made almost an additional $10 billion and represent more than half of the Airbnb community. Clearly, women are a driving force of the Airbnb community, and we are proud to provide the end-to-end travel platform for their entrepreneurial spirit to thrive.”

While women in the United States have made the most on Airbnb, accounting for almost $3B of income in 2017, countries around the world are experiencing the rapid growth of women hosts. Women make up 70% of the host community in New Zealand, 63% in South Africa, and 62% in Great Britain. Vietnam is one of our fastest growing countries for women, where women make up 53% of all hosts and grew 114% in the last year. And at a local level, the female host  community in Xian, China grew 168% from last year, and women hosts in Havana nearly doubled in the last year.

But the opportunities of the Airbnb platform go beyond home hosting. The expansion of Airbnb Experiences in the past year has enabled more women to become entrepreneurs by sharing their skills, neighborhoods, and cultures with guests from around the world. Women make up 50% of all Experience hosts on our platform, and in markets such as Santa Barbara, California, women make up 65% of all hosts. Additionally, many women host Social Impact Experiences benefiting non-profit organizations that empower women.

In Thailand, Tatiya teaches a Pad Thai cooking class, sharing with travellers how to cook a traditional home cooked meal and about the Thai way of living. She was a geophysicist working for a Thai national oil company, but has since quit her job to become a full time Airbnb host due to her love of travel and meeting new people from around the world. We also have a number of female hosts who started their own Experiences, including Thanwarat, an entrepreneur who wants to showcase an authentic side to Thailand through Traditional Thai Dance. She will take guests to her 120 years old heritage building, where they will learn more about the Traditional Thai costume and find out how the dance is an integral part of Thai culture.

We are also proud to work with organizations that support female entrepreneurs around the globe. In India, Airbnb is working with the Self-Employed Women’s Association of India, one of the country’s largest female trade unions, to promote women’s rural livelihood opportunities. Airbnb has also partnered with Open Africa to empower women from rural areas across the Western Cape through homesharing. And Airbnb has worked with SP Business (SP Negócios), a branch of the Sao Paulo City Hall, to promote female entrepreneurship in the technology sector in Brazil by hosting female entrepreneurs at the Airbnb offices in San Francisco.

While we know that Airbnb cannot single-handedly break down the barriers that many women face both in the workplace and in everyday life, we are proud to support women’s economic empowerment through our platform, and we celebrate our community of women hosts around the world. Both today and every day.

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