International Women’s Day

In recognition of International Women’s Day, we are proud to celebrate Airbnb’s community of women hosts in Spain and around the world. The Airbnb platform enables thousands of women to support themselves to work part-time or to start a new business. As UN Women recognised, the sharing economy can have a positive impact on women. Since Airbnb was founded, women Airbnb hosts have earned $10 billion (€9,5 billion) through the platform. In Spain, 54 percent of our host community are women, with the typical host earning €3,290 every year. For 12 percent of these women, Airbnb gives them the flexibility to work part-time.

We’re using IWD 2017 to celebrate our fantastic community of women hosts here in Spain. Meet Tizziana, who had to abandon her flat in El Clot, Barcelona, when she lost her job in 2015. She moved to Raval and started sharing an empty room in her new apartment through Airbnb:

I could stay afloat thanks to my home sharing income. But I also reinvented myself, learnt a new profession and created my own business: an online cosmetics boutique.”

Like Tizziana, 4 percent of women hosts in Spain have used their Airbnb income to support a new business. Tizziana says:

I feel relieved knowing that I can share a spare room in my house if everything else goes wrong. I’ve grown, both professionally and personally”.

Concha is another host in Barcelona whose business suffered as a result of the economic downturn that hit Spain in 2014. Concha is 58 years-old and has an 13-year-old daughter to look after. She tells us her story: “I had several fashion boutiques, but I had to close them. I realised then that I was invisible in the labor market. I had been a freelancer my whole life. I had taken care of my daughter all alone. And suddenly I was relying on social services.

Concha started sharing two empty rooms of her apartment in Eixample, Barcelona: “I was able to move on thanks to this new income. I’m even learning English to better communicate with my guests!

Airbnb cannot single-handedly tear down the many obstacles to empowerment that women face worldwide. But our platform is powered by a growing worldwide community of women hosts who are connecting with guests, each other, and their local communities.

You can read our global impact study here.


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49% Spanish women hosts report using their Airbnb income to make ends meet

3,262 Typical income by women hosts in Madrid

4,487 Typical income by women hosts in Barcelona

400 Women in Barcelona who were able to start their own business thanks to home sharing

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