Introducing “The Future of Sharing” on Medium

“The sharing economy is only 10 years old, but has already shown us how we can maximize underutilized assets, from homes to cars to skills, and spread wealth in new ways,” says the introduction to the new Medium publication devoted to The Future of Sharing. “Sharing is arguably better for the environment, and can foster better understanding among diverse groups of people. The future of sharing holds tremendous promise, but faces many challenges too.”

As we know at Airbnb and across our global community, “shifts of this magnitude always cause disruptions and resistance.” Airbnb has worked, and is working with hundreds of local governments around the world to establish fair, clear laws that enable home sharing to thrive responsibly and sustainably. The Future of Sharing is dedicated to exploring how the sharing economy can work for everyone — through engaging top thought leaders from a variety of fields in video conversations, exploring their ideas in written posts and essays, and walking listeners through key topics in a regular podcast.

The Future of Sharing is brought to you by Reinvent, a media company that specializes in engaging remarkable innovators to help solve complex challenges. Airbnb is proud to support The Future of Sharing on Medium. We are underwriting the project, similar to how sponsors underwrite editorially independent public broadcasting, because we want to see more deep thinking and serious discussion about the future of this growing and very important field.

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