Ireland hosts on Airbnb share their stories

Home sharing is bringing immense value to people across Ireland. By opening up their neighbourhoods and communities to travellers from around the world, hosts in Ireland are serving as ambassadors and guides for their local areas and boosting local economies by encouraging hosts to support local businesses.

There are many reasons people choose to share their homes on Airbnb, some include:

– Older couples and people who share their homes to earn extra income so they can care for themselves and their loved ones
– Young couples and people who are trying to make a little extra income to help pay towards their mortgage and daily expenses
– People with health problems which make it impossible to work regular jobs who host to supplement their income
– Pensioners who share their homes to offset the impact of cuts to benefits and government spending

In their own words, here are some reasons hosts share their homes on the platform:

“l share my home as I operated restaurant businesses in the 80’s and they failed and the price I paid I’m still paying for! When our children moved on, we let their rooms to help keep the roof over our heads. I’m 60 now and will have a mortgage until I’m 70. Without Airbnb, I would not survive. My husband and I both work full-time jobs and still need the extra income. I am paying 1,500 Euro a month on my mortgage so the income from Airbnb helps us survive. We are not a commercial operation. I pay every cent due in taxes and this can be checked with the revenue.”– Angela, Dublin North West

“Starting to host guests via Airbnb has allowed me to continue paying my mortgage after a cancer diagnosis and years of treatment meant I could no longer travel for work. I can stay at home to look after my child and supplement my income while sharing the wonders of the beautiful Beara Peninsula with people from all over the world. Meeting them all has been very good for my son’s self-confidence and his sense of how big the world is and what his place is in it. From this remote location he can take part in a cultural exchange he would not otherwise have access to. There is very little other opportunities to earn an income in this locality. I recommend local shops, services and restaurants, so everyone wins. Please don’t over-regulate pressed rural-dwellers who are only trying to survive.” – Anne, Cork South West

“I am a 74-year old pensioner.  My home is a one-bedroom apartment. I can no longer make ends meet on my OAP and my frozen Aer Lingus pension, so occasionally I vacate my home and stay with friends to supplement my income by using Airbnb. I hate having to do this, but without Airbnb guests I would sink into debt.”– Elisabeth, Dublin Bay South

“In 2010, I had to give up my full-time job to care for my elderly parents so I went from earning 37k per year to 15K. I had just built my new home and was looking forward to living in it. For the first few years I struggled to pay the mortgage and then I saw that I could earn extra money by sharing my home on Airbnb. It has been a lifesaver! I still struggle to pay my bills as I only work part-time and cannot get a full-time job in retail as, at 60 years of age, employers don’t want older people for some reason. I could take the easy option and take jobseekers allowance for the days I don’t work but being idle does not sit well with me. Being a host is not easy work as I do all the cleaning, washing and ironing myself to save money. So along with saving the exchequer money by not drawing job seekers allowance, I also contribute to the economy by enticing tourists to visit this country.”– Sally, Limerick City

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