Since 2009, guests from all around the world have used Airbnb to explore Ireland. Airbnb hosts reflect Ireland’s great diversity: The average host is 44 years old but some hosts are retired; a large percentage of them work in art, design or creative services; and 65 percent hold a secondary-education degree. The Airbnb Ireland host community is spread over more than 500 cities, towns and villages. Ireland’s progressive stance is creating a culture of home sharing that brings sustainable social and economic benefits throughout the country.

€202M in economic activity

73% hosts who say home sharing positively influences their lives

59% hosts who say extra income helps them stay in their homes

Hosts across Ireland share their opinions on potential regulation

The majority of hosts across Ireland want clear, fair home sharing rules and are opposed to complex, heavy-handed regulation. Read through some of their stories now.

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Celebrate Dublin’s architecture with Airbnb | Airbnb Citizen

Open House Dublin is Ireland’s largest architecture festival, which invites people across the country to come explore Dublin in a new way by showcasing incredible architecture for everyone to experience.

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