Ireland’s biggest host day is back!

Mark your calendars because Airbnb Oscailte 2017 is officially set for 20 May, 2017. If you’re unfamiliar, Oscailte is the Irish word for “open” and the name of our annual event dedicated to celebrating the Irish Airbnb community. Excited? We’d like to invite hosts across Ireland to sign up to apply to come along (Please note submissions close on 26/4). Tickets will be assigned by lottery.

This year’s festivities will include more speakers and direct involvement from our host community. We’re hoping you find it immersive because this year, we will all be living, thinking and breathing Ireland through the host experience.

Last year, Oscailte was all about opening your doors to more. We designed every detail from our keynote speakers to breakout sessions to engage, celebrate, support and mobilise our local community. Throughout the day, we welcomed 250 attendees to our Dublin Warehouse office. It was a pleasure to welcome hosts as our very first guests in the new space — have a look for yourself! We also launched Dublin Host Perks and a partnership with to simplify tax returns for hosts as a way of delivering some helpful tools.

So what’s happening in 2017?
In a nutshell, more! In addition to our regular programming, we’re inviting fellow hosts, from their Home Sharing Clubs in Dublin and Cork, to share their experiences with you. Finally, our Chief Marketing Officer from San Francisco, Jonathan Mildenhall, will have a magical announcement!

We’ll also be recognising the amazing work and contributions of hosts, through the 2017 Host Awards. Nominations are open now so make sure you apply before 19 April, 2017 deadline.

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