Airbnb hosts in Italy have been welcoming guests into their homes since 2008. These hosts have formed a vibrant community, sharing unique experiences with travelers from around the world and making progress toward the enactment of fair, clear home sharing laws in Italy’s largest cities. Airbnb has signed groundbreaking agreements with the governments of Florence and Milan, while the host community in Rome is building a grassroots movement to engage local leaders and explain how home sharing can continue to benefit the Eternal City.

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€4.1B economic impact generated by the community

7.8M Airbnb guests in the past year

2.300€ Typical income earned by host


Strengthen your home sharing commitment!

Home sharing offers great experiences but it also requires some commitment from those looking to share their home. If you are planning to become a host, it is really important to be informed about the regulations that apply in your country, in your region and in your city. Find all the information you need by watching this video. This web page also provides some starting points and tips on how to practice responsible home sharing in Italy RESPONSIBLE HOST

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CNA craftsmen share their Italian know-how on Airbnb

Thanks to Airbnb Experiences Italian artisans will be able to introduce their activities to visitors from all over the world and get a new source of income. CNA and Airbnb promote Italian creativity.

Artisans feel at home on Airbnb

Just in: your host curated Airbnb guides to Rome

The Home Sharing Club in Rome, the heart of the Airbnb host community in the Capital, has created four guides to support small shops and local businesses. The maps cover San Giovanni, Esquilino, Monti and Monteverde.

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Airbnb joins Ministry of Tourism and ANCI to promote small-town Italy

Joe Gebbia in Sicily launched a plan to promote more than 40 villages all over the country through a range of different programs. 20 borghi are being promoted on a dedicated platform. 3 more villages will each have a public space redeveloped.

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Airbnb’s toolkit to explore bias, discrimination and the impact of belonging

Joining the Airbnb community means embracing other cultures and lifestyles and discrimination of any kind prevents people from making those connections. We worked with two psychologists to create a toolkit to explore bias, discrimination, and their impact on belonging.

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Beyond cities: how Airbnb is supporting rural revitalization in Italy and in the world

We carried out a study on the economical impact and other kind of effects of home-sharing beyond cities. The estimated total income for Italian Airbnb rural hosts in the last year is € 72.3 million.

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Airbnb partners with the IED in Florence to promote Isolotto, Novoli and Rifredi neighborhoods

We’ve just launched a new collaboration with the European Institute of Design to encourage students to think up creative ways to promote outer neighborhoods in the city.

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Airbnb community boosts Italy’s economy by over €4b

How many hosts are there in our country? How much are Airbnb guests spending in local businesses? A new report on the Airbnb community and its impact on Italy’s economy in 2016 answers these questions.

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