Japan Airbnb FAQs: host notification for the Housing Accommodation Business Act

Q. How do I add my notification number?

You can add your notification number on your host dashboard. Please note that each listing requires a separate notification number.

Q. How do I apply for a notification for my listing?

For details on how to apply, please visit the Japanese Tourism Agency’s portal website. You may also want to visit our Community Center and Help Center. We strongly encourage you to apply for notification and add the notification number to your listing page by the timeline stated.

Q. I’m not a Japan resident, but I’m a host with a listing in Japan. Do I still need to apply for notification?

We are not in a position to provide legal advice. However, we understand it is a common understanding that the law may apply regardless of where you live, whether inside Japan or outside Japan. We strongly encourage you to apply for a notification number and add to your listing page according to the mentioned timelines.

Q. What if I refuse to register my listing?

Your listing will be deactivated and no longer available on our platform. As a result, you will be unable to accept any reservations. We strongly encourage you to apply for notification and add the notification number to your listing page by the timeline stated.

Q. If my listing gets deactivated, how do I reactivate it?

You will need to enter your notification number and all other required information. This will allow you to re-activate your listing via the host dashboard.

Q. I am hosting under the Hotels and Inns Business Act or Special Economic Zoning Act. In this case, how should I register my notification on Airbnb?

Airbnb welcomes any listings operating under the Hotels and Inns Business Act or Special Economic Zoning Act. You will be able to enter all relevant information on your listing page.

A listing with a license under these laws can be legally operated on Airbnb without limitation for more than 180 nights.

Q. Do I need a separate notification number for every listing that I have?

Yes. You will need to obtain a notification number for each listing. We strongly encourage you to apply for notification and add the notification number to your listing page by the timeline stated.

Q. I applied for notification with regard to one building/house, and it has several rooms. I’m planning to create three (3) listings, and can I register the same notification number for these three (3) listings?

Yes – as long as hosting is legal under the local laws.

Q. What happen if I intentionally enter false information?

Such an act is prohibited on the Airbnb platform. Importantly, under the Private Lodging Business Act, hosts must enter and provide their notification number, and we request you to provide your email address, your legal name and accurate address stated in the notification documents. Please note that all legal details you enter will be automatically shown on your listing page. National and local regulators will be able to check and verify all information. 

As Airbnb complies with the laws, hence we may disclose information with regard to listings in Japan, including (1) notification or licence number, (2) legal name, (3) email address and (4) listing address) with the government authorities periodically as required by the law. In case you enter into false information, this information will be disclosed to the regulators as stated and they may contact you to confirm your compliance with the relevant laws.

Q. I cannot amend/change my pre-populated listing address. How can I complete the notification process?

If you need to update the listing address in the address used in your notification application, please contact our Customer Experience team who will be able to help you.

My listing address on Airbnb is in English, but the listing address stated in my notification document is in Japanese. Would this be a problem?


Q. My current listing address on Airbnb includes my room number, but my notification document doesn’t include this. In this case, do I need to amend the existing address?

If you applied for registration without a room number (e.g. 1-1-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) while your Airbnb listing location includes your room number (Rm 101, 1-1-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), you do not need to amend your existing address. However, please note it is not appropriate to omit or shorten your address.

Q. What will happen to my reservations if my listing is deactivated?

You may be found in violation of the Hotel Business Act if you do not have a notification number for hosting when your reservation starts after 15 June 2018. Host penalties on Airbnb platform (see more details here [hyperlink to https://www.airbnb.com/help/article/990/i-m-a-host–what-penalties-apply-if-i-need-to-cancel-a-reservation]) may apply if you wish to cancel your reservations after your listing is deactivated. We strongly encourage you to apply for notification and add the notification number to your listing page by the timeline stated.

Q. If my listing is deactivated, will Airbnb automatically cancel my reservations? Should host cancel on their own?

Airbnb will not automatically cancel your reservations. However, should your notification process be incomplete and you are unable to host by 15 June 2018, please contact our customer experience team in advance so your cancellation penalties may be waived. We strongly encourage you to apply for notification and add the notification number to your listing page by the timeline stated.

Q. Now that my listing is applied for notification, will I be taxed?

Regardless of completion of notification, all Airbnb hosts should make a tax filing in due course. Please contact your tax advisor or your nearest tax office for further consultation.

Q. As a guest, how can I check if the listing I’ve booked in Japan has a notification number? It looks like my host’s listing page has no notification number.

After 15 June 2018, all guests will be able to view if listings in Japan have completed notification via Airbnb’s website. We will provide more information in due course.

Q. As a host, can Airbnb share my guest IDs with me?

Unfortunately, we are not able to share guest ID information due to customer privacy protection. However, you may explain to guests that you are obliged to check their ID upon their visit for guest records.

Q. Under the Housing Accommodation Business Act, I am allowed to host for 180 days. How can I track the number of days I’ve hosted through the year?

We encourage you to use the online tool that has been developed by Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) to manage your reservation details. You can find more information on the JTA website. :

You can also use this tool to submit the periodic report of your hosting details, which is required by the law.

Q. How will the Japanese government and local municipalities manage the 180 day cap? What will Airbnb do?

Under the law, the host is required to report their reservation details such as the number of days having lodgers at the notified housing every 2 months, and the government and local municipalities will be able to check whether you hosted for more than 180 days. One day of hosting can’t exceed 24 hours.

In addition, Airbnb is required to provide the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) 6 months of data from each host every April and October.* JTA and local municipalities will review the disclosed data to verify listings and whether the host exceeded the 180 day cap.

(*) This includes the name of the host, address of the listing, notification number, and the number of nights that the guest stayed.

Q. I am a host using a property management tool. Am I still required to add a notification number?

Yes. You will need to visit the listing page and add your notification number. This applies to those hosting under the Hotels and Inns Business Act and hosts using a listing management tool or CMS.

Q. Can I list a weekly/monthly rent room on Airbnb?

You are not prohibited from entering a certain type of lease agreement as long as renting your room/house based on such lease agreement will not violate the Japanese Hotels and Inns Act. Please be informed that entered information will be disclosed to Japan Tourism Agency (JTA), as required under the law. Also, Airbnb is unable to give any legal advice on whether the entry can be legally acceptable or not for the authority. Please kindly make sure to consult with your independent lawyer or other legal professions.

Q. From June 15, 2018, do I really need to present my passport to my host?

Under the law, your host is required to record guest information such as name, address, occupation and nationality when you are checking-in. If you do not reside in Japan, your host is required to request your passport and keep its copy for recording purposes.