Airbnb, Abritel/HomeAway, Le Bon Coin and TripAdvisor join forces to promote responsible and sustainable tourism in Paris

Airbnb has joined forces with other accommodation platforms to roll out a series of measures to promote responsible home sharing in French bigger cities, including automated caps that proved effective to tackle bad actors and preserve housing capacity in other cities in the world.

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United in the National Union for Holiday Rentals (UNPLV), Airbnb, Abritel-Homeway, le Bon Coin, Trip Advisor and other platforms came to a first of its kind agreement over a series of commitments they are willing to voluntarily implement in Paris and major cities under severe housing supply pressure:

  • The automatic capping at 120 days per year of the rental of the main residences will put an end to the possibility of renting accommodation for short rather than long periods. This limitation does not apply to private rooms.
  • The establishment of a protocol allowing town halls to solicit platforms via UNPLV in order to identify possible fraudsters who would try to exceed the 120 days by hosting on several platforms
  • The systematic request for a registration number for furnished professional tourist accommodation before letting, which will allow concerned cities to easily check professional hosts (hotels, guest rooms…) that are not subject to automatic blocking.

Unlike the current registration system whose implementation in Paris failed, the measures taken by the furnished rental platforms will ensure everyone follows local rules while sparing casual hosts unnecessary redtape.

This regulatory system, supported by the platforms, will be implemented at zero cost for taxpayers and without burdensome procedures for hosts who rent their accommodation via Airbnb and other UNPLV member platforms. By putting risks of abuse to an end, it will redirect travellers’ demand to the benefit of the majority of hosts who share their accommodation responsibly.

We encourage other furnished rental actors who are not currently members of UNPLV to follow our lead so the whole sector commits to the same responsible approach.

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