Kai Wegner (CDU/CSU) visited the Airbnb Community Stammtisch




Every month we welcome home sharers at the Airbnb office in Berlin to the “Community Stammtisch”. The regulars’ table is a great opportunity to get to know other hosts and to learn news about home sharing. We also frequently welcome external guests there to talk to them about various topics.

Kai Wegner was a guest on 7 November. He is a member of the German Bundestag and spokesman for the CDU/CSU parliamentary group on construction, housing, urban development and municipalities. Born in Berlin, he represents the constituencies of Spandau and North Charlottenburg in the Bundestag.

In a question and answer round, the hosts explained to Mr. Wegner that home sharing is often a solution for them to withstand rent increases by earning additional income By occasionally letting their self-occupied dwelling or a room in their home, no space is withdrawn from the housing market. Home sharers described their experiences and difficulties with the implementation of the new housing law in Berlin and Mr. Wegner offered to stand up for them and clarify open questions.

The 40 or so hosts and Mr. Wegner discussed how home sharing could have a positive effect on tourism in Berlin and how it could be promoted. There was agreement that home sharing can also allow people to travel who cannot afford expensive hotels, for example. In addition, home sharing distributes tourism throughout the city, so that local businesses off the main shopping streets and in the outskirts also benefit.

Finally, Mr. Wegner’s hosts sought advice on how to make their concerns more heard in the political arena. Mr. Wegner stressed the importance of the exchange with citizens in questions around urban development and welcomed the commitment of the Berlin home sharing community to always seek dialogue with decision makers.

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