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Korea has a rich cultural heritage with more than 5,000 years of history. Its welcoming culture has continued to the present in the uniquely Korean way, called “Min Bak” in agricultural villages. Come and experience firsthand the Korean hospitality that makes every visitor feel at home. Today, travelers are more interested in the Korean culture and want to explore the hidden beauties of Korea more than ever. Thus, hosts throughout the country have been providing their spaces through home sharing so visitors can experience N Seoul Tower’s panoramic view of the city, the crowded shopping streets of Myungdong, peaceful mornings in traditional homes and more. These hosts are making travelers’ dreams come true and helping to showcase the “real” Korea. Airbnb collaborates with and supports the hosts and local communities to promote home sharing and improve tourism — especially in rural areas. Sign up today to learn how you can take part and how Airbnb strives to keep home sharing strong.

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