Kyoto Hosts stand up for launching a Home Sharing Club!

We are excited to share a news that Japan’s second Home Sharing Club was launched on September 24th 2016 in Kyoto which is the world No.1 destination for travel lovers.

This launch was held at a beautiful host’s home in Kyoto City. There were about 25 Kyoto hosts, who joined to celebrate the event.

Wishing for home sharing to be smoothly integrated into our daily lives and allow anyone in communities to benefit, there was discussion amongst hosts, who pondered ideas and actions they can put into practice.  

Some hosts made their actions known to decision makers and described their experiences and values they hold in home sharing. Based on that, hosts carefully examined what would be an ideal argument to express further voices to decision makers as a Home Sharing Club.

In the midst of event, some hosts presented their cases that they have built good relationships with neighbors and enjoy hosting to the community as a whole. All acknowledged that the key success factor for guests is to have a genuine local experience is relying on community-wide hospitality.
Even after the event, many hosts stayed the host home and enjoyed further interactions such as, a French Patissier happened to stay there made some treats for them and neighbors visited the home and it became really a belonging event.

We expect to see more hosts in other cities unite together to launch clubs!

Kyoto Home Sharing Club brings together a group of dedicated home sharing hosts, who have come together to campaign for fair, simple and realistic rules for sharing their homes in Kyoto. This new independent club is an initiative run by home sharing hosts from Kyoto.

Airbnb hosts provide unique travel experiences by welcoming guests into their homes. Many rely on the additional income to improve their daily lives. Home sharing also has a positive impact on tourism and local development across the country. If you are interested in telling us your own experience with home sharing, why it matters to you, and how you share these benefits with the community, join AirbnbAction for future updates.

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