LA home sharing making strides after Planning Commission hearing

By John Choi, Southern California Policy Manager

For nearly two years, Airbnb has been working with the City of Los Angeles to craft clear and fair home sharing rules, and we’re beginning to see progress.

Policy picture

In April, the Los Angeles Planning Department released a draft ordinance to regulate short term rentals. The draft included a number of specific proposals that would have made it much harder for hosts to share the home in which they live. Some of the proposed rules limited the number of days a host could share their home and violate the privacy of the people who use our service.

In response, our active and passionate home sharing community sent letters, made calls and posted social media messages to the Commission, culminating with 250-plus hosts attending the City Planning Commission hearing on June 23rd.

Host community involvement

Their voices made an impact: The Planning Commission’s proposed regulations improved dramatically from the earlier April draft.

LA draf progressOn July 18th, Airbnb and the City of Los Angeles reached an agreement for Airbnb to collect and remit Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT) on behalf of our host community. This agreement is a huge milestone and will generate millions of dollars in hotel tax revenue for LA, and also help local Airbnb hosts comply with tax laws.

Progress is being made, but we still need to continue a dialogue with the City.  We’ve heard the message loud and clear from our hosts that they are still very concerned about overly restrictive rules.  Our team is meeting constantly with City Agencies to address our hosts’ concerns, and to ensure the regulations are fair and sensible.

Our goals

We believe we can work with the City to:

  • Make the short-term rental registration process as simple and efficient as possible.
  • Increase hosting caps so responsible home sharers can have maximum flexibility.
  • Share data with the City to ensure we do our part to help eliminate bad actors from our platform while continuing to protect the privacy of our host community.
  • Make sure that all Angelenos can participate in home sharing, including renters.

What’s next?

We’ve seen meaningful progress in the proposed home sharing regulations from the original April draft to the latest June draft, but we still believe there is significant room for improvement and will need your help!

The issue now moves to the City Council, where it will first be considered by Committee in late summer, followed by consideration by the full City Council in the Fall. The City Council will then draft a final ordinance for the Mayor to sign into law.

We’re making great strides in LA, and with your continued support and action we will work with the City to develop fair rules to help the thousands of middle class families who depend on home sharing as an economic lifeline to afford to stay in their homes.

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