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Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodation and experiences around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet. Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a global platform with listings in over 191 countries across the world. Connecting people, values and cultures, Airbnb empowers regular people with a tool to make life more affordable.

We are committed to working in partnership with the communities in which we operate. Outlined below are a variety of different programmes we can offer you. We are eager to work with you to ensure that homes are shared responsibly.

Spreading the benefits of tourism

Committed to communities

Trust and safety

Putting your city on the map during large scale events

Disaster Response & Relief Programme

Championing trust on our platform

Community Tourism Programme

Neighbour Tool

Host Guarantee and Host Protection Insurance

Airbnb Experiences

Responsible Hosting Guide for your city

Trust & safety events

Spreading the benefits of tourism to everyone

Here at Airbnb, we believe that cultural tourism is about connecting people, values and culture to build authentic travel experiences. We are very proud to play an active role in the continued success of the UK as one of the world’s leading tourism destinations.

Working with hosts, businesses and local authorities we have helped create several Cultural Tourism Maps to showcase locals’ favourite attractions and businesses in the area. We have recently worked with hosts to produce maps in Edinburgh and Southwark and Waltham Forest in London.  

During sporting, music, arts and cultural events, your city may require increased tourism capacity. Airbnb for Events is also an impactful tool designed to help visitors find a place to stay during big events and moments. We have worked in partnership with cultural tourism events such as Hull City of Culture and the 2018 European Championships in Glasgow to serve as the official alternative accommodation partner to encourage residents to open their doors and showcase the city’s hospitality outside the traditional tourist hotspots and seasons.

We would be delighted to explore how visitors and residents can take advantage of all your area has to offer.

Airbnb launched a Community Tourism Programme in Europe to support pioneering projects in local communities that encourage and empower locals to both shape and benefit from more sustainable tourism. The Programme will fund innovative, community-based tourism projects that promote and look to democratise the benefits of travel across Europe until 2020.

Please visit our Community Tourism Page for updated information on opening dates if you wish to apply to the programme.

Airbnb Experiences are activities designed and led by inspiring locals. They go beyond typical tours or classes by immersing guests in each host’s unique world. It’s an opportunity for anyone to share their hobbies, skills, or expertise. For many people, they may not have spare space to share in their home but they do have a unique insight to share with visitors looking to learn more about a place or connect on an interest.

Within this, Social Impact Experiences allow users to go on experiences with knowledgeable hosts from local non-profits and get to know their causes, with 100% of what they pay going directly to the organisations. Airbnb works with local partners to introduce visitors to the places locals feel most passionate about. With the recent launch of Experiences in Edinburgh, Airbnb partnered with VisitScotland to help facilitate introductions to local businesses, residents and charities – many of which are now seizing the opportunity to share their Experience on the platform.

We would be delighted to discuss Experiences with local tourism partners to inspire locals to show off their neighbourhood and get visitors involved with causes they care about.

Being a good partner to communities

One year ago, Airbnb took the proactive step of introducing our automated system to limit entire home listings to 90 nights per year. As a result, the number of hosts in London exceeding 90 nights has dropped by two-thirds (from 21 percent to 7 percent).

To help local authorities enforce the law, we would like to share information with you regarding hosts who have confirmed they have planning permission to share their home for over 90 nights. Please contact us directly to help us establish this verification process.

When disasters strike, we often alert our hosts to help provide temporary accommodation during response efforts. Airbnb automatically contacts hosts and guests to firstly share vital safety information in the impacted and surrounding area, and secondly if required asking if hosts have extra space that they would like to share at no cost to those in need. Partnerships with local and regional governments are key to provide an effective and efficient response in times of disaster. For more information, please visit our Disaster Response page.

Our Disaster Response and Relief program is available to support emergency response efforts in your community. For more information on the disaster response and relief programme, please see the Cabinet Office Resilience website.

Airbnb seeks to address local resident concerns including those raised through our Neighbour Tool – which allows anyone to share specific concerns they may have about a listing in their community. Our team will then review their concern and, if necessary, follow up with the host regarding the issue. In addition, if residents are able to provide the listing’s web address, we can then follow up with each resident who has made a complaint. To learn more, visit our neighbour tool.

Share and promote this tool with residents so community disturbances can be investigated by our team directly.

At Airbnb, we want to help ensure that home sharing grows responsibly and sustainably. We encourage hosts to think carefully about their responsibilities through a Responsible Hosting Page, which outlines in detail what is expected of a host. We are committed to working to ensure hosts on Airbnb are made aware of local rules and we regularly contact hosts on Airbnb to remind them of local regulations. We also developed a Responsible Neighbour Guide for London – a simple guide that hosts can print out and fill in for their guests, to aid in understanding important rules or information about their area.

We would be delighted to discuss creating a similar guide for hosts and guests in your area.

Ensuring homes are shared safely on our platform

Creating and championing trust is our priority. Over 300 million guest arrivals have had safe and memorable experiences on Airbnb, experiences which rely on receiving a trustworthy service. In 2017, Sharing Economy UK (SEUK) awarded Airbnb its TrustSeal kitemark for successfully meeting a list of Good Practice Principles they established to increase trust in the sharing economy amongst businesses and consumers.

Our Host Guarantee provides up to £600,000 of coverage in case property damage occurs, and our Host Protection Insurance provides liability coverage for Home Sharing and Experiences up to £600,000. In the rare event something happens, our global customer service, and trust and safety team, are on call 24/7 in 11 different languages to help make things right for our community.

Safety is our priority and Airbnb has already established successful partnerships with the likes of the National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) to help promote guidance to hosts. In an effort to help the community stay safe, Airbnb has been distributing free smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  We have also partnered with RoSPA, Get Safe Online and other experts to highlight key information for hosts. We routinely run safety workshops with hosts and recently held a ’Meet the Experts’ event in London to discuss safety issues with hosts on Airbnb. Stay up to date with our latest developments at the Citizen Responsibility Hub.

We would be delighted to discuss running similar events for hosts on Airbnb in your area.

If you require any further information, or you are interested in pursuing any of the partnership opportunities outlined above, please fill out this form

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