Living together in your neighborhood: personalized guides for each city

For the Airbnb community, nothing is more important than living together in harmony. These are the values of sharing and respect that guests embody every day when welcoming travelers from all over the world. Because they share so much more than their homes, they must make travelers aware of the rules that make guests good neighbors.

For the past year, Parisian hosts have been able to download and print a guide available in five languages (French, English, German, Spanish or Chinese) directly on Airbnb Citizen. These recommendations which can be placed on on the fridge or coffee table, inform and make travelers aware of Parisian life. Learning about these tips help ensure temporary  neighbors are as civic as possible during their stays. Recently, the city of Cannes created its own version of the Good Neighbor Guide, tailored to the needs of its residents.

Because hosts, residents and neighbors all share the city in which they live, Airbnb now offers all French municipalities a personalized guide. The fruit of collaboration between hosts and municipal teams, these guides highlight the general rules specific to each city.

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By working hand in hand, home sharing clubs and municipalities collaborate to make travelers aware of the right actions to adopt and of good neighborly practices with a common objective: to respect the local community and surroundings.

Already in place in several French cities, the guides propose general and specific rules and recommendations for each city.

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Airbnb offers to help municipalities and guests in this process. The principle is simple:

  • Step n°1: The town halls contact Airbnb via email to request a personalized guide.
  • Step n°2: We then connect them with the local host club leader to carry out the project.
  • Step n°3: Together, they organize a collaborative workshop to determine the issues that hosts and town halls face in their city or neighborhood. At the end, they come out with key messages that they send back to Airbnb.
  • Step n°4: Within 10 days, we undertake to return the brochure in A5 format for clubs and town halls to print and distribute to guests and travelers.

The mission of home sharing clubs is to encourage community members to become responsible actors in their local communities. They encourage everyone to get involved with their neighborhood, city or region by establishing a dialogue between its different representatives.

We are proud that the Airbnb community is committed to promoting responsible tourism throughout France.


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