Local Hosts Launch Frankfurt Home Sharing Club

The Home Sharing Club in Frankfurt was launched recently. Many hosts attended the event located in the cosy premises of the co-working space Die Zentrale.

After learning the successes of Home Sharing Clubs globally and specifically the actions taken by the recently founded Berlin Club, eight engaged Frankfurt hosts led the rest of the evening’s discussions.

They shared their vision for the club, and urged the hosts in attendance to be involved. Hosts signed up to meet with relevant politicians and stakeholders, to write letters to politicians and/or the press and to speak at public events.


The core group of hosts also gave a short demonstration of Basecamp, an online tool that they have been using to self-organise, share information and organise meetups.

In Frankfurt currently there is an opportunity to write out your wishes for the city on small note cards and attach them to a traveling exhibition. The hosts showed their photos and encouraged people to fill in the blank notes they’d brought and attach them in the upcoming locations.


In addition to a really informative and well-structured evening, a host working in production set up all of his equipment in a comfy area of the coworking space. He had printed out some questions the city of Frankfurt asked their citizens, and filmed hosts choosing these at random and their spontaneous reactions. We are hoping for a great short clip of honest host opinions on home sharing soon! And all under the new hashtag which was determined this evening #WeHostFFM.