Los Angeles: Sharing a Meal at All Saints’ Episcopal Church

All Saints’ Episcopal Church in Highland Park opened their doors at the beginning of the winter season this year to offer a warm, dry place for their homeless neighbors to sleep.

Local non-profit, Recycled Resources for the Homeless, took the lead on getting this space open and to allow the shelter to operate through the end of March. While the church was able to open their doors to their neighbors for the winter months, they did not have the resources to be able to offer their guests a meal each night.

At an event in February, members of the Airbnb team were talking with hosts in Los Feliz and Hollywood about the shelter’s predicament. The conversation quickly turned into a call-to-action that involved providing an amazing dinner to shelter guests.

On Saturday, February 27 Airbnb hosts, guests, staff, family and friends gathered to provide dinner to the approximately 40 homeless people who were staying for the night. Hosts prepped, cooked, cleaned, and set-up the dining hall with tablecloths and tea light candles so to give shelter guests a special dining experience.

All Saints’ still needs help from their neighbors to be able to continue to offer these services. If you’re interested in volunteering your time to help you can contact them directly.

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