Majority of LA voters support vacation rentals

In December 2018, the Los Angeles City Council passed a new ordinance that legalizes home sharing in LA and protects the ability of thousands of Angelenos to continue earning critical income to make ends meet. The City also created a pathway to legalize the city’s long standing vacation rental market with sensible guardrails to protect housing.

This is an important step in the right direction and we remain committed to working with the City to develop comprehensive, enforceable rules that are a model for cities around the world.

As the City Council begins to discuss rules for non-primary homes used as short-term rentals, we want to share the results of a recent David Binder Research survey of Los Angeles voters which found that a strong majority of voters believe Airbnb is good for Los Angeles. Some key findings include:

  • 60% of Angelenos view Airbnb as good for the city.
  • 70% of Angelenos want to see full-time Airbnb rentals regulated, not banned.
  • 75% of Angelenos recognize renting extra homes has always been an important part of Los Angeles that brings tourist revenue into neighborhoods so everyday people can benefit.

Home sharing and vacation rentals play a critical role in allowing Angelenos to directly benefit from the more than 48 million visitors who travel to Los Angeles every year. Los Angeles needs a comprehensive short-term rental policy that regulates all short-term rental activity, including its long-standing vacation rental market. Anything less will create loopholes that allow bad actors to jump from platform to platform in an attempt to evade the rules. Airbnb will continue to work with the city to enact rules that preserve the economic benefits of short-term rentals for residents, while minimizing concerns regarding housing affordability.

Vacation Rentals and Full-Time Airbnbs in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a global destination and short-term rentals, including vacation rentals and full-time Airbnbs, play an important role in supporting the 48 million visitors that come to Los Angeles every year. The study found that full-time Airbnb listings units rented for more than 180 nights per year as short-term rentals– have an insignificant impact on the city’s housing stock.

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In August 2018, DBR conducted a survey of 500 residents of Los Angeles City. Interviews were conducted online from August 23rd – 29th, 2018. The overall sample has a margin of error of +/- 4.4%. Respondents were recruited from online panels, and were screened to be voters.The demographic composition of the sample matches that of Los Angeles voters.”

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