Makers Walks around the world showcase the incredible creativity that exists in the Airbnb community

At Airbnb, we know that a city’s creative community is the soul of its cultural scene, yet many travelers will visit the best-known monuments and museums; but rarely have the chance to venture beyond the institutions to the studios, ateliers and venues of local creatives themselves.

One in every 10 Home hosts on Airbnb and one in every three Experience hosts on Airbnb is a member of the global creative community.

Creative hosts have always been part of Airbnb’s DNA, so it’s no surprise that hosts on Airbnb are eager to share the creative and cultural highlights of their cities with their guests.

This is why Host Clubs around the world hosted their first ever Makers Walks – a series of special events showcasing creatives, artists and makers of their local communities. Members of the Airbnb community in Lima, Peru, Nassau, Bahamas, El Paso, Texas; Campos do Jordao, Brazil and Johannesburg, South Africa were able to meet local creatives,  including talented Home and Experiences hosts who shared their crafts and their stories.

Globally, 60 percent of creative Home hosts say Airbnb has helped them afford to stay in their homes.


Makers Walks


Nassau, Bahamas

In the Bahamas, on November 10th, hosts got to know a sample of the creative talent that the Bahamian community has to offer. The wonderful community of hosts, local artisans, makers and shakers showed off the wonderful things that happen when craft meets imagination.

Johannesburg, South Africa     

On November 3rd, the Johannesburg Home Sharing Club hosted their first Market Day in South Africa. The day was filled with eventful moments from the self driven small businesses that were exhibiting their products or services as vendors to the hosts and family members that were just amused about the insights that they had received from the Market Day.

Campos do Jordão, Brazil

On November 11th, over 90 hosts from the Mantiqueira Mountains community (a mountain range in Southeastern Brazil), where on the lower slopes gathered several small cities and tourist places, such as Santo Antônio do Pinhal, Monte Verde, and Campos do Jordão (Brazil’s highest city.) The event was in a charming restaurant which was peppered by many tents from local artisans ready to show us their jewels made with wood, jackets made with local wool (which is also part of the first Airbnb Experience in the region), kitchen utilities made with recycled materials and lots of paintings and colorful crafts. Not only are the makers of this community celebrating their crafts, but also their personal stories inspired the greater community.


Lima, Peru

On November 17th, hosts in Lima came together in a little theater in Barranco, the most bohemian neighborhood in Lima, full of museums, art shops, galleries and craft fairs. Throughout the afternoon, 11 local creative entrepreneurs were able to present their work and their personal story to hosts. Their creations included paintings, jewelry made with recycled materials, serigraphy, photos and t-shirts with portraits of non-traditional tourist places.

El Paso, TX, United States

On November 18, local artisans and creators came together at Ode Brewery, a local craft beer manufacturer and restaurant in the heart of El Paso to showcase their talents and produce. Participants had the chance to meet other hosts and guests of the El Paso Airbnb community.

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