Media Roundup: The London Report

We are passionate about what we do because we get to see first-hand the impact that Airbnb is making in communities around the world. Analysis of our data and reporting is increasingly pointing to the cultural benefits, in addition to the economic benefits that we have seen for years. That’s why it is so gratifying to see how quickly word is spreading about the way Airbnb hosts in London are helping to celebrate the lesser-visited areas of this great city.

Last week the Daily Mail highlighted several Airbnb listings in the “outer boroughs” and observed that it appears many are keen for the insider knowledge of our hosts, “with 85 percent of guests in London saying they choose Airbnb over a hotel or other accommodation to experience life like a local.”

Daily Mail: Welcome to Hillingdon! Airbnb visitors shun popular London tourist hotspots in favour of outer boroughs to get ‘cultural experience’

The Daily Telegraph pulled many insights from our recent impact study, including “renting an Airbnb property in London could be an easy way to gain insight into London’s creative industries, with more than half of hosts in London working on a freelance basis, or within one of those industries.”

Daily Telegraph: London visitors are rushing to Hillingdon, claims Airbnb

An editorial in City AM’s print called on local government to slash the red tape so that the cultural and economic benefits of Airbnb can be felt more widely in London and beyond.

City AM: Slash dated red tape & watch London flourish

These snapshots from this week’s UK press are just a small indicator of the momentum that we are feeling in London and throughout Europe. Bookmark this Airbnb Action site for the latest news and reports from the Airbnb host community!

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