Mediterranean dinner with Foodisch and home sharers

Together with Airbnb home sharers from Berlin, Foodisch threw a Moroccan dinner party in Mitte. Foodisch is an international community of food enthusiasts, who aim to increase awareness of food. The social dining platform connects people through dinner parties.

Simo, founder of Foodisch, is an Airbnb hosts in Berlin-Mitte and invited home sharers from Berlin to his home for a Moroccan-themed evening of traditional food and music. Ten Airbnb hosts came together to get to know each other. Katrin, a home sharer in Mitte and one of the members of the Homesharing Club Berlin, attended and took the opportunity to share the accomplishments and planned actions of the Home Sharing Club in Berlin.  

You can get a glimpse of the evening in this video, that Foodisch produced

foodisch in Berlin

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