Meet Airbnb Citizen

At Airbnb, we’ve created a platform that helps people belong anywhere. But what excites and inspires us is how our community is advancing home sharing as a solution for everyday challenges, everywhere.

We’ve created a platform that helps people belong anywhere

Working families host to ease the burden of stagnant pay and mounting debt, seniors rely on hosting to supplement fixed incomes, and freelance workers use it to steady wages. Guests use home sharing as an affordable, sustainable way to see the world. Neighborhood businesses gain new customers. Governments use the new tax revenue to fund critical services. And together, we are using home sharing to build understanding across cultures and generations.


Airbnb hosts and guests choose home sharing over other options to earn money or travel because they know every stay benefits a family, a neighborhood, and a wider community.

To encourage and promote their efforts, today, we are introducing, home sharing’s new home. Building on the foundation of airbnbaction.test, Citizen remains a tool for advocacy but is now a more expansive site for the growing home sharing movement, offering resources for staying informed and taking action.

Airbnb Citizen promotes home sharing’s potential to help solve many challenges we face today


Airbnb Citizen promotes home sharing’s potential to help solve many of the economic, environmental and social challenges we face today. It highlights the values that inspire people to choose home sharing and the good their choice does. It features the work of leading sharing-economy thinkers alongside home sharing news from around the world and research on the impact of home sharing in the communities where we operate. And it will continue to provide our community and others who feel passionately about home sharing with ways to come together, act, and make belonging anywhere a solution that’s available everywhere.

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