Meet Ariane:

“I am really fortunate to be a host on Airbnb! I live alone today. Airbnb is one of the best things that happened to me” says Ariane, a 75 year-old dynamic grandmother, while typing on her laptop.

“I’ve just welcomed 8 young American students who were visiting the Dauphine University. I also welcome many families who wish to be in an apartment to feel at home and cook.”

Ariane inherited her apartment in Neuilly-sur-Seine a few years ago. “My grandmother and my mother lived here. When I moved in, I thought: “let’s get rid of the old fashion decoration. I decided to change the curtains, the paintings and the furniture.” 

In order to pay for this renovation, Ariane had to obtain a bank loan. She became an Airbnb host three years ago in order to pay back the bank. “I spent a lot of money on this apartment, and home sharing allows me to pay my loan.”

Ariane is passionate about music. She wrote a book two years ago The Praise of Waltz. She enjoys playing the piano at home. But she insists that one has to move with the times. “You can love the waltz and enjoy modernity.”

She wants to be a perfect host. “My guests come from the other side of the world. It is absolutely necessary to welcome them with a great smile in a perfectly clean apartment.” In a nutshell, she says amused “one needs a real lady of the house.”