Meet Bernadette, an Airbnb host who loves meeting new people

Why did you choose to share your home?

When my children left the family nest, I found I had a completely free floor at home. Suddenly, I made up my mind to open up my home to travellers from all over the world. I enjoy the friendliness and meeting new people. I decided to open up part of my house at certain periods, depending on my personal activities.

Why do you love sharing?

I like being a host as I take real pleasure in welcoming people from different backgrounds. Each guest has their own story to tell. For me, I see it as the perfect opportunity to open up to the world. I like the welcome, the friendliness and the open-mindedness.

What local gem do I recommend to my guests?

As I say on my ad, I am on the boundary of three districts: Uccle, Saint-Gilles and Ixelles. The Châtelain area in Ixelles is very lively with many restaurants, as is the Town Hall area in Saint-Gilles with its cosy cafés. I also recommend taking a walk around the streets of the three districts as there are lots of magnificent art nouveau houses to see.