Meet Biche, goat cheese producer and host on Airbnb at Champrond in the Sarthe

Two hours from Paris, in the heart of the Sarthe is where Biche lives and hosts guests on her farm.

Guests arrive on a 20-hectare farm property, where they will discover a mill, built in the 16th century, sitting on the edge of a stream flowing through the garden.

At 56 years old, this breeder and producer of goat cheese decided to open her doors to guests looking to relax. “Most of my guests come here for a weekend to recharge their batteries. They expect to find peace and quiet and want to take advantage of everything that life in the country has to offer.” apart from the song of the swallows, the sound of water and a few dogs barking, the silence of nature prevails here. 


Guests are invited to stay in the heart of a farm composed of several buildings.

There is the goat farm with about sixty female goats, the laboratory where I prepare my cheese, the barn where my male goats live, and a hundred meters further on, the shed for straw and tractors.

For Biche, hosting guests is important. “My father was a famous Parisian poster artist and painter. In his work, there was always a sense of sharing. I am inspired by this heritage to open my home to guests from all over the world. Today, it is the soul of this mill that I revive every time a traveler stays here.

For me, being a host on Airbnb means sharing my life, my profession and my passion for a few days with strangers who leave as friends. Guests see another side of France, which is more authentic, and rediscover the countryside.


Biche manages the entire goat farm production chain. She raises her animals, produces the various cheeses and sells them in three markets in the region. “Production takes time and sales are sometimes uncertain. The end of the month can therefore sometimes be difficult.

It’s always good to secure other income. The money I earn through Airbnb allows me to pay part of my ever-increasing business expenses, but also to maintain the old mill that goes through the living room of the house.”

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