Meet Biniyam: host in Munich-Neuhausen

Biniyam came to Munich 20 years ago from Ethiopia, and works here as a precision mechanic and dance teacher. He joined Airbnb when he was at the World Cup in Brazil and being a guest in someone’s home was the only option open to him. Any initial scepticism was quickly forgotten, as he had excellent experiences with his hosts from the very first moment. When he moved out of his apartment in Munich, he decided to set up a shared apartment. This was mainly for financial reasons. Getting an apartment alone in Munich is extremely expensive. But even a room in a shared apartment was still very expensive and so Biniyam decided to share his room for short periods via Airbnb, when he’s away from home.

Giving his guests tips on where to eat, drink or shop in the area is definitely part of home sharing for Biniyam. He wants his guests to experience Munich as locals do. One of his secret insider tips is the small artisan brewery nearby, where visitors can taste locally produced beer. He’s always found hotels to be rather impersonal environments. He prefers to make contact directly with local people.

“I don’t think that only large companies and hotel and restaurant chains deserve tourism. That’s not fair. I want to have the freedom to share my space whenever I’m not home because I’m travelling.”

The extra income helps Biniyam to cover the high cost of living in Munich. From his perspective, home sharing can therefore be very useful:

“Prices have always been very high in Munich, and home sharing is a way for many people in Munich to afford them.”


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Photos by Daniel Müller


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