Meet Cristiano: host in Munich-Maxvorstadt

Cristiano is a passionate language teacher based in Munich, in Neuhausen. His openness to other cultures inspired him to share his study now and again through Airbnb. To this day, he has not regretted this for a single second, he says. On the contrary, he enjoys being able put some of the many languages he has learned over the years to good use. For Cristiano, money wasn’t part of the incentive to rent his room through Airbnb. Being a good host and getting in touch with people is simply a great pleasure for him.

When you’re a guest in his apartment, you’ll not only get a nice room and a comfortable bed; you’ll also find out where you’ll get sensationally good food in the area and where you can relax with a coffee. Sometimes Cristiano cooks for his guests, and as they chat he learns all kinds of fascinating things about them.

Meet also Biniyam, Karolina & Max, Eddie & Gertrud.

Photos by Daniel Müller




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