Meet Karolina & Max: hosts in München-Lochhausen

Karolina and Max, both Polish, live in the Lochhausen area of Munich. Karolina was a professional snowboarder who travelled a lot as part of her job. A few years ago, she and her husband Max decided to see the world. They travelled through all kinds of countries in a camper van, and during that time their small family gradually expanded. When their third child was born, they made their home in Portugal, on the Algarve. In order to provide more opportunities for their children, the family moved to Munich when they reached school age. To this day, the family have been dividing their time between both places and enjoying the freedom this way of living offers them.

Because of the way they organise their lives, they hit upon the idea of renting their empty home via Airbnb when they were away for short periods. Having three children means a good deal of expense, they point out. Airbnb offered them the opportunity to stay flexible without stretching their budget too far.

Karolina and Max think that the law in Munich for those who want to share their home is too strict. In particular, young families who are away from home for more than 8 weeks a year to visit grandparents or to go on holiday are very limited by this regulation. They don’t think that this law creates more living space – after all, the apartment would otherwise be empty when they travel.

“Regulating Airbnb and home sharing in general will not create more living space. It seems to me that most people only rent their properties out over Airbnb in the short term and live in their homes most of the time. ”

Others travelling with young children will find Karolina and Max’s family-friendly apartment ideal when they come to Munich, as it’s all set up with a garden and toys. They can also self-cater, which in their opinion is much cheaper and more child-friendly than staying in a hotel. Airbnb has meant the family have got to meet people from all over the world.

The two are convinced that short-term rental via Airbnb is also beneficial for the local community:

“In Portugal, we saw that Airbnb helped local businesses to generate more revenue and create jobs all of a sudden, as tourism is no longer concentrated in the city centres, but spreads out across the entire city. We are the best example of this; we live in the Lochhausen area of Munich, where tourists don’t usually end up.”

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Photos by Daniel Müller

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