Meet Kim-Josephine: host in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel

The 27-year-old business psychologist Kim-Josephine has already lived in Copenhagen, Greifswald, Stuttgart, and Oldenburg. She now lives with her husband and their little daughter Bella in Hamburg’s Eimsbüttel district. Since Kim-Josephine likes to travel all over the world, she has already rented out her former flat-sharing room on AirBnB every now and then as a student. She currently offers her entire apartment in Eimsbüttel for short-term rent when she and her family are on vacation or are visiting their parents over the weekend.


” I don’t see why the apartment should be left empty and not used sensibly when we are not there. The extra income helps us as a young family cope with the many costs of having a child since I am currently not working. Sharing our home is not taking away any living space from anyone and we are also helping the city of Hamburg bring money into the city through our taxes and the additional guests.”

Kim-Josephine’s good experiences with all her guests and the simplicity of renting on AirBnB are why she uses the service herself when she travels. She likes the personal touch of speaking and staying with with locals who share all sorts of useful tips.

Kim-Josephine has a clear stance on the new laws in Hamburg for homesharers:

“Protect housing, yes, but setting a 56-day cap for renting the entire apartment is completely unrealistic for young families like us who want to go on vacation or visit their families regularly on weekends. Policymakers need to move with the times and vacant apartments on weekends and during vacations do not lead to more housing being available. This law is not the solution for the housing shortage and the exploding costs in Hamburg.”


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