Meet Mike & Sharon: Airbnb hosts in The Bronx

When you stay at Mike and Sharon’s home,  you are part of the family. Their home in The Bronx is cozy and sure to be welcoming with fresh baked cookies crafted by hand with the help their three children.

The couple loves to welcome international visitors: Mike even speaks three languages! They embrace the opportunity to learn about other cultures, but most of all, love to share The Bronx with the world.

“Great things are happening here in The Bronx,” says Sharon. “We live in a historic area. Our building is over a hundred and twenty years old. There are a lot of stories about The Bronx which we love to share with all of our guests.” She adds, “We’re in the shadow of Yankee Stadium… If somebody hits a home run and we’re in our backyard we can hear that. It’s a great feeling, they call it Yankee village.”

Mike, who grew up in The Bronx, abruptly lost his job in broadcast television due to the changing nature of the industry. As he worked to get back on his feet, he relied on the income from Airbnb to help keep his family in their home.

“I worked for six years in broadcast television …  I just got a new job recently. But for the time in between, Airbnb has sustained me.”

Meet Mike & Sharon | Bronx, New York | Airbnb Citizen

Like thousands of other New Yorkers, Mike and Sharon rely on the income they make from home sharing to stay in their home with their three children. All the while, they offer new perspectives to travelers visiting The Bronx and help sustain the local economy. Support Mike and Sharon — don’t take away their right to share their home. Support home sharing in your neighborhood.

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