Meet Monika, a 77-year old home sharer from Munich

Home sharers in Munich can only share their home for up to six weeks a year without having to request permission from the city. The city is about to change this to eight weeks.

Monika works as a freelancer and a colleague told her about Airbnb a few years ago. Last year, Monika finally decided to become a host and started sharing a room in her house and once in awhile, her entire house when she spends a few days in the mountains. She has lived in her house for more than 30 years and the lower floor had been left empty when her daughter moved away from home.

For Monika, sharing her home has given her a new lease of life. Instead, she now has stories to share about guests from China and Boston and enjoys breakfast with guests where she shares the best bits about Munich. “There is nothing that brings people closer together than sharing a home”, says Monika.

Monika has shared her entire home for about five weeks already this year. “I don’t take away housing from the housing market, this has been my home for more than 30 years”. Monika believes that people from Munich should be able to share the space they live in as much as they want to, without the need of a permission.


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