Meet Paola: host in Hamburg-Bergedorf

Paola, who was born in Chile, is a passionate hostess. This is already noticeable when she greets her guests with her friendly smile in her apartment in Hamburg-Bergedorf. Her good mood and cordial nature make them feel immediately welcome. Hospitality is deeply rooted in her culture, so she gives her guests a small tour through the apartment, a warm cup of tea, and valuable tips on what to see, eat, and experience in Hamburg off the beaten track. It is important to Paola that her guests feel completely at home.

Paola has had great experiences with her international guests, including cooking together and the occasional spontaneous trip to Berlin. She and her husband like to welcome the world to their home and, so far, hosting has had a very positive influence on their lives:


As a homesharer who rents out one of her rooms at short notice, she isn’t taking away any living space from anyone and also brings travelers to Hamburg’s Bergedorf district, far away from the usual tourist haunts. So she doesn’t understand why the policymakers have introduced such disproportionately strict rules. Homesharing also brings guests to the suburbs of Hamburg, allowing small shops and restaurants in the area to benefit from the international visitors who stay with her. She often also hosts students or young families who cannot afford the expensive hotels in the city center. Homesharing also enables people with low incomes to travel to Hamburg. According to Paola, the new rules don’t really fit into the image she has of the cosmopolitan city of Hamburg, where everyone is welcome, no matter where they come from.



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