Meet the hosts of Amsterdam

Hosts on Airbnb are kick-starting a new campaign in which they explain why they share their home in Amsterdam.

The summer campaign will feature local hosts telling their stories in their own words on how home sharing on Airbnb is a sustainable form of tourism that supports local families and communities, and helps balance the negative impacts of mass tourism in the city centre. As proponents of responsible tourism, hosts will also provide tips to visitors on how to enjoy the city as a local and with respect.  

What the hosts say

Coco – Host on Airbnb in Jordaan

“I love Amsterdam. And I like to share it with people who are visiting our city, too. Together we have to keep it tidy and ‘gezellig’, and I hope this campaign will contribute to that.”

Wouter – Host on Airbnb in Oud-Zuid

“I have been a host on Airbnb in Amsterdam Zuid for four years and in that time I have met loads of people from all over the world! It has been a trip around the world without crossing any borders and I have made new friends along the way. The freedom created by hosting is also very important to me, as I am an entrepreneur!
I participate in this campaign to fight against the negative image. It is an amazing experience to share your home with travellers and I am convinced that that side of Airbnb should be shown more. To live with ‘strangers’ has improved my life in a very positive way and it has taught me a lot!”

Eva – Host on Airbnb in Centrum

“For two years I have been welcoming guests in my home who have booked a room via Airbnb. Up until now our family has met a lot of nice and interesting people. They ask us what restaurant to go to or we chat about a range of topics.  When we started, our neighbours were worried about inconvenience it might cause them.  Now I dare to say that they often don’t even notice whether there are guests or not. The overcrowding and nuisance is not caused by Airbnb and it really hurts me that people think negatively of Airbnb, as it gives me so much joy!”

Erik – Experience host in Amsterdam

“Thanks to Airbnb and Plastic Whale I can meet like-minded people from all over the world who want to help fish plastic out of the Amsterdam canals. My guests often bring their kids, to show how they can be part of the solution, not the problem. Guests are surprised every time by the amount of trash in our beautiful canals and sadly plastic bottles are still dumped daily. Plastic Whale’s motto is: Talk less, do more!”

Kim – Host on Airbnb in De Pijp

“I’ve been a host on Airbnb since 2016 and I’ve met so many interesting people from around the world. Guests arrive as strangers and leave as friends. I’m a responsible citizen who takes care of my guests and neighbours. The mass tourism problems in our city weren’t caused by hosts like me.”

Wilmer – Host on Airbnb in Bos & Lommer

“I think it is important that people visiting Amsterdam meet local Amsterdammers. It is the only way that they can learn to understand the city. I love to meet people from all over the world and help them have a good time.”

Joris – Host on Airbnb in De Pijp

“What I like most about Airbnb’ing are the local tips I can share with my guests. I, for example, recommend them to buy tasty, fresh food at the Albert Cuypmarkt or to cycle to Noord. Guests really appreciate this and it is my way to add to the positive vibe in Amsterdam.”

Host Letters

Amsterdam hosts want to share their story. Eva and Kim wrote a letter to Amsterdam in which they elucidate on their positive experience as a host. We have offered them space in the newspapers to publish these letters. Click on the images below to read Eva or Kim’s full letter.

Eva’s Letter

Kim’s Letter

More about Airbnb in Amsterdam

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