Meet Urte: host in Hamburg

The reasons why people in Hamburg share their homes are as diverse as the inhabitants of this beautiful city. When Urte’s daughter went to the U.S. for one year to work there as an au pair, she began renting out the vacant room on Airbnb. She hasn’t regretted it to this day. She talks to Airbnb about her favorite guests and the consistently positive experiences she has had so far with the short-term renting of a room.


“I think a law that prevents people from taking away living space is totally good. If private living space is not inhabited, but used year-round only for short-term letting, then this should be regulated. Unless the owners have officially reserved a holiday home. For people who only rent out their entire apartment when they are not there, and for people like me who only rent out one room, the administrative burden is completely disproportionate. According to the new law, information about guests is to be provided after 10 days at the latest, otherwise a fine of up to 500,000 euros could be imposed. It’s a deterrent to people who only rent out occasionally. These people from Hamburg are not withdrawing any flats from the housing market.”

In addition to her work in severely disability assistance, Urte is also politically involved in her neighborhood. She loves the entrenchment and gives her guests recommendations for restaurants, cafes and small shops in the area.

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