Meet Valérie, 41 years old, who enjoys meeting new people

Why did you choose to share your home ?

The story is quite simple. Behind my house, there is a lovely little annex. As I looked at it, I could bring the rural past of the district to life again. I realised that I couldn’t leave it unused. So I set myself the goal of renovating it. The result: it has become a superb guest house that welcomes Airbnb travellers from all over the world!

Why do you love sharing?

I enjoy being a host as each time I meet new people. This makes enriching conversations possible. We share our vision of the world, our history, our understanding of travel. I also talk to them about my job as an architect, and it’s always a good excuse to give them some information about the city of Brussels, which they are about to visit.

What local gem do you recommend to your guests?

I often recommend somewhere unique and unusual: the authentic, vintage “De Linde” estaminet. Cyclists, fans of the Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht, Hells Angels and grandmothers from Brussels with their grandchildren … all mingle together there in front of the cows and the Pajottenland. A change of scenery is definitely guaranteed!

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