Meet Victor who shares his home to make ends meet

Why did I choose to share your home ? 

One day, I was struggling to pay the rent. I spoke to a friend who advised me to become an Airbnb host. So that’s what I did and it helped me to make ends meet. I decided to continue as a host as I enjoyed it.

Why do I love sharing? 

I love meeting new people. When I share my home, I really enjoy chatting to the guests. Moreover, the majority of them always leave delighted and appreciate the simplicity of my welcome. All of these encounters have made me want to continue to be a host.

What local gem do I recommend to my guests?

I often tell them to spend some time in my neighbourhood if they want to discover the real Brussels, the authentic Brussels, my Brussels. Then, I suggest that they go and meet small traders, such as Kapoor and Sons, a local grocery shop that I love. I also suggest that they visit my favourite restaurants in the area, especially the pizzeria Serau.

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