Meet Vy: a social impact host uplifting spirits in Harlem

For the past 100 years, Vy’s family has lived on the same block in Harlem where for generations, gospel, song and music have taken root. That rich history has served as the foundation for her Social Impact Experience, Get uplifted with gospel in Harlem.

As the founder of the Mama Foundation for the Arts and co-writer of the 1983 musical Mama, I Want to Sing!, music has been central in Vy’s life for quite some time. Having grown up surrounded by the gospel, jazz, and rhythm of Harlem, her Social Impact Experience aims to introduce guests to a side of New York City they’d rarely see or know about.

“We mix music, history and culture to tell a story of a community and the contribution that African American music has made to the world and to the American musical landscape. The authentic sounds of a people,” Vy explained.

The unique Experience Vy is offering has been a treat for her as much as it’s been instrumental in some of the guests who have attended. She said, “I didn’t know that I would enjoy it as much as I do. But meeting people from all over the world and watching them meet one another and then watching them have an experience where they get a front row seat to participate or witness the gospel is pretty exhilarating.”

As a Social Impact Experience, 100% of the proceeds earned from Vy’s experience directly support Mama Foundation for the Arts, a nonprofit based in NYC helping fill the void in music for children left when music programs were eliminated from the school system. Mama Foundation for the Arts also brings together a diverse community of people who love to sing across all age groups.

Social impact experiences allow you to learn directly from community leaders and activists about causes you care about. Airbnb waives all fees, enabling all funds collected from guests to benefit the nonprofit organization.

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