Meet Yasmin : A Byron Bay local for over 40 years.



Being an Airbnb host sustains the work that Yasmin loves as a remedial therapist and allows her to travel and meet new people.

Long time Bryon Bay local, Yasmin, hosts on Airbnb to help keep her in the community she loves as well as allows her to travel and meet new people.

Yasmin travels to Vietnam each year and volunteers to work with a team of practitioners and staff at Hoi An Pacific Hospital where she is continually inspired by their model of care.

“In my work doing massage, nursing and caring, I connect with people of all ages. Witnessing the work of staff at Hoi An Pacific Hospital was a confirmation to me that it’s not just what you we do but the quality we do it in which offers a true reflection to others. This is also what I bring to guests as an Airbnb host with the accommodation I provide.”

“It’s not just a bed for the night but a place where people feel welcomed into a home where they can feel free to be themselves.”

“So for me, whatever I do, whether it be shopping, walking down the street, or doing my work as an Airbnb host or as a massage therapist, it is vital that I bring my quality of presence so that I connect with everyone I meet.”

Yasmin also volunteers with fellow Airbnb host Donald and the Green and Clean Team at a local clean up helping keeping Byron beautiful.

“I’ve lived in Byron for over 40 years and what I love about it is that it has a community of people that come and go from all over the world and it keeps that openness alive in Byron.”

“You can travel for miles on foot and just, everything comes to you.”

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