Meet Yume: connecting guests to local businesses – Tokyo host series

Tokyo-based Airbnb host, Yume, enjoys taking her guests around the neighborhood. Locals welcome Yume’s guests as they hop from shop to shop, creating a welcoming environment for travelers and bringing the community closer together.

Paying it forward and remembering all the things my US host family taught me

Yume is an Airbnb host from a calm, serene neighborhood in Tokyo. It was when she was making a scrapbook of newspaper articles for her friend’s company that she noticed an article about Airbnb, giving her the idea to share her home.

Since she’s started hosting, her number one priority is to make sure each one of her guests feels at home in Japan. This is a lesson she keeps close to her heart from how her own host family in the US treated her while she was studying abroad.

She fondly remembers visits to great restaurants and flea markets, allowing Yume to truly live like a local while in the US.

When hosts treat their guests with such care, it leaves a lasting impression on them and their country. Now Yume feels it’s her turn to create magical moments for those who come all the way to Japan.

“Hosting is fun when your friends and local community have your back.”

Of course, hosting wasn’t always easy at first. Each time Yume accepted a new guest, she had to come up with new ideas and activities to enhance her skills as a hospitality entrepreneur.

Yume always designs a floral arrangement for every guests. She also learned from a fellow Airbnb host how to make the best cup of tea to serve when welcoming new guests.

Ever since she reached out to get local shop owners and neighbors involved, she feels a greater joy in hosting than she’s ever felt before. It’s definitely easier and a better experience when the entire community gets involved.

Embrace home sharing together with local community

Yume is also active in the Tokyo host community learning and supporting her fellow Airbnb hosts. Each one has their own unique hosting style and involving everyone to share ideas, stories, and to serve a support network just works better. If each of us follows Yume’s footsteps, there will be a number of new hosts welcoming people into their homes all across the world!

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