Mexico City — Water shut off

Mexico City has announced renovations to its water supply system that will cause programmed shutoffs in some boroughs and may affect the home you listed on Airbnb or the home you booked as a guest on Airbnb. Thinking of your comfort, we wanted to pass along important information to help you follow updates on water availability and instructions on water conservation during this period.

Always follow their directions and check for regular updates from local authorities:

If you are a Guest and have questions about the situation, we encourage you to speak to your host. If you have any further questions or want to change or cancel your reservation, contact your hosts or visit our Help Center.

UPDATE: Conagua announced the morning of Monday November 5th that the water cut will be prolonged for 30 or 40 more hours. We recommend that you take precautions and check for regular updates from local authorities.

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