Milan Embraces Airbnb & Simplifies Home Sharing Rules

Milan and the Lombardy region have approved new rules that embrace home sharing and Airbnb. The new rules confirm that Lombardy residents can share their homes, and lay the foundation for future collaboration between Airbnb and local cities on further measures to support local Airbnb hosts.

Our community in Milan and Lombardy is already bringing tremendous benefits to the region –  figures show they have already helped accommodate 400,000 visitors to the region over the last 12 months. But the rules for home sharing in Lombardy were confusing, including complex registration requirements. They were designed for businesses and professionals, and could be difficult for regular people to understand.

The new rules exempt home sharing from these measures in favour of simple, streamlined processes. They recognise that Airbnb hosts are not businesses or professionals, they are regular people sharing their homes and using the money they earn to help makes ends meet.

The new rules clarify that:

  • Lombardy residents are free to share their homes
  • Home sharing is classified as a non-professional activity
  • Hosts will not have to comply with complex registration requirements designed for professionals, or have to display signage outside their homes
  • Hosts will benefit from new, streamlined notification requirements, designed for regular people.

We applaud the Lombardy Commission for supporting local hosts with these progressive new rules and look forward to working with cities across the region on further measures to support home sharing. The region joins a growing list of destinations in Europe that are implementing modern rules that embrace home sharing, including London, Amsterdam, France and Portugal.

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