Montreal Canada

Report shows Airbnb attracts millions of dollars for Montreal tourism

A new study shows Montreal’s home-sharing economy provides a significant boost to the Quebec economy through Airbnb guest stays.

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First tourist-tax agreement announced in Canada

Airbnb and the Government of Quebec have finalized the first-ever tax remittance agreement in Canada, which will allow Airbnb to collect and remit the tax on lodging on behalf of the hosts on the home-sharing platform.

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Airbnb and Housing in Montreal

Airbnb takes the issue of affordable housing in Montréal very seriously and we are committed to promoting responsible home sharing through information sharing.

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Over half of Airbnb hosts in Canada are women

According to a 2017 Airbnb study, 58% of hosts in Canada are women – that is over 35,100 female hosts.

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