Airbnb announces most popular Alabama listings

Airbnb recently released a report revealing the #1 most “wish-listed” Airbnb listing in each of the top 20 home sharing cities in Alabama.

Airbnb’s “wish-list” function allows users to save the listings they most desire when planning trips, whether it be a beautiful kitchen, a peaceful backyard, or a charming neighborhood that catches their eye. The most wish-listed listings in Alabama are among the most unique and special homes on Airbnb’s platform.

For this report, Airbnb tabulated and added up tens of thousands of wish-lists to establish which listing in each city was #1. The top 20 cities reflect a wide array of markets across the 4 tourism regions in Alabama*, while the diversity of the #1 listings reflect what makes the state so authentic and unique.

Some of the most popular listings embody the kinetic energy of Alabama’s urban centers, such as John and Kirsten’s ‘Anchors Away’ (#1 in Mobile) and Farris’ Treehouse at Cottage Hill (#1 in Montgomery).

On the flip side, other top listings became popular by offering opportunities to get off the beaten path and experience the more tranquil, outdoorsy areas of Alabama. These include Glenn’s Rushing Waters Retreat (#1 in Auburn), a working cattle farm that eschews both Wi-Fi and television so as to let families unplug and experience the natural beauty of Eastern Alabama. And Tynes’ Bunkhouse (#1 in Fairhope) is located on an organic blueberry farm adjacent to a 10-acre lake.

The rankings indicate a desire of many Airbnb guests for close proximity and engagement with their hosts. For example, the #1 most wish-listed listings in both Huntsville and Dothan are guest houses adjacent to the hosts’ primary residence.

Over 2,500 Alabamians now share their homes via Airbnb, yet according to a Alabama Tourism Department report, Alabama hotels have continued to experience strong increases in occupancy and room rates. This parallel growth may be explained by the truly unique and unreplicable homes available on Airbnb, like Susie’s Magical Mountaintop Yurt (#1 in Talladega). Meanwhile, Dewey’s Tranquil moments!! Perfect getaway (#1 in Mentone) is an RV located on Lookout Mountain.

Bethany and Whitney’s The Cottage at The Winchester Manor is not only the #1 most wish-listed home in New Market — it’s #1 in the entire state of Alabama and one of the most popular Airbnb listings in the U.S. The 100 year-old property was rumored to have been the first post office in North Alabama before transitioning into a jail, a doctors office, and later an antique store. Co-host Whitney also performs as part of the world-famous musical duo The Sweeplings.

Finally, the origins of Jan’s  Lake Martin Escape go back to the founding of Airbnb. In 2010, Jan was vacationing in Scottsdale, Arizona when she got randomly seated at a restaurant at a table next to Airbnb co-founder Nate Blecharczyk and his wife. They struck up a conversation, and Nate told her about this brand new start-up he’d recently co-founded called Airbnb that allowed homeowners to share their houses to guests for supplemental income, and he even helped her download the Airbnb app on the spot. Inspired by that chance encounter, she decided to host herself, and 8 years later she has the #1 most wish-listed Airbnb home in Alex City and Tallapoosa County.

Throughout the duration of 2018 and into the new year, Airbnb and its Alabama host community are committed to supporting and growing the state’s tourism economy.

Permission is granted to utilize photos from these listings. The full list of cities and #1 wish-listed homes can be found in full below.

Most popular listings in Alabama by region

The Gulf

Most popular listings in the Gulf:

Southern Alabama

Most popular listings in Southern Alabama:

Central Alabama

Most popular listings in Central Alabama:

Northern Alabama

Most popular listings in Northern Alabama:

* Geographies per the Alabama Tourism Department

** All homes referenced are intended purely to inspire and illustrate. Airbnb does not recommend or endorse specific home listings or any other homes on the Airbnb platform.

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