Airbnb announces #1 most wish-listed listings in all 67 Florida counties

Airbnb recently released a report revealing the #1 most “wish-listed” Airbnb listings for each of Florida’s 67 counties.

Airbnb’s “wish-list” function allows users to save the listings they most desire when planning trips, whether it be a beautiful kitchen, a peaceful backyard, or a charming neighborhood that catches their eye. The most wish-listed listings in Florida are among the most unique and special homes on Airbnb’s platform.

For this report, Airbnb tabulated and added up hundreds of thousands of wish-lists to establish which listing in each county was #1.

Some of the most popular listings embody the kinetic energy of Florida’s urban centers, such as Jason’s Captains Quarters (#1 in Duval County), as well as Tom and Gordy’s LAKEFRONT STUDIO APARTMENT (#1 in Orange County).

On the flip side, other top listings gained popularity by offering opportunities to get off the beaten path and experience the more tranquil, rural areas of Florida. These include Crystal’s HORSESHOE BEACH HOME (#1 in Dixie County) — which is located in a town with a population of 169 and adjacent to 50 acres of cow pasture — as well as Leigh’s Rock Bluff Guest Suite  (#1 in Liberty County), which provides refuge for nature enthusiasts.

Florida’s prominent agriculture industries appear to fuel the desirability of some Airbnb listings. For example, Jennifer’s Home Field Advantage Farmstead (#1 in Madison County), Maureen’s The Tofu House at Tumble Farm (#1 in Union County), Christine’s Country cottage (#1 in Marion County) and Tracy’s Cottage (#1 in Gilchrist County) are all located on working farms.

The #1 listings vary widely in size and scope. They range from Andrew’s Ever After Estate  (#1 in the Lake County) — which sits on a 62 acre estate — to Anna’s 7 by 18 ft Lakeside TINYHOUSE! (#1 in Polk County).

The rankings indicate a desire of many Airbnb guests for direct interaction and engagement with their hosts. For example, both Jennifer’s Woodlands Guesthouse (#1 in Leon County) and Clint/Syd’s Sanctuary of Light (#1 in Escambia County) are guesthouses adjacent to their primary residences, while Robert offers to guide his guests throughout Northwest Florida as part of his Private rooms, full private bath on river (#1 in Wakulla County). Jim’s Jungle Riverfront paradise (#1 in Hendry County) is the first floor of his home, and he even invites his guests to join his church congregation for Sunday services.

The appeal of some #1 listings stem from a spirit of philanthropy. For example, Jorge and his wife dedicate Airbnb income from their Vivir’s Cabin (#1 in Hardee County) to fund a center to care for abused and abandoned animals.

Over 40,000 Floridians now share their homes or vacation rental via Airbnb, yet statewide data indicates that the vacation rental community is complementing — rather than competing with — the Florida hotel industry. Florida hotels continue to experience strong growth in occupancy rates, prices and revenue — in parallel with vacation rental growth. This suggests that vacation rentals on Airbnb and other platforms are opening up the state to a new demographic of tourists by catering to travelers who are less able to afford hotels, those who desire to stay in neighborhoods or cities that lack hotels, and families who prefer to vacation together under one roof. This parallel growth may be explained by the truly unique and unreplicable homes available on Airbnb, like Danville (#1 in Seminole County), where hosts Dan and Deborah single-handedly built a mancave out of an airplane hanger, in addition to a yurt, treehouse, and pub.

Though in some cases, there’s crossover with the boutique hotel and professional hospitality industry. The Homeguard Suite (#1 in Jackson County) doubles as a proper bed-and-breakfast, while Pat’s 1885 J. M. Henry Mansion (#1 in Jefferson County) is a historic home that often hosts weddings and reunions.

Finally, Paola’s Cozy and charming cottage is not only the #1 most wish-listed home in Miami-Dade County — it’s #1 in Florida and one of the top 20 most wish-listed in the entire United States.

Permission is granted to utilize photos from these listings. The full list of counties and #1 wish-listed homes can be found in full below.

Top wish-listed listings in Florida by region


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*All homes referenced are intended purely to inspire and illustrate. Airbnb does not recommend or endorse specific home listings or any other homes on the Airbnb platform.

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