Airbnb hosts and Multnomah Village businesses partner to promote shopping local

The Multnomah Village Business Association, business owners and Airbnb hosts launched a new promotion to support local businesses in the neighborhood. Portland’s small businesses are the cornerstones of the amazing neighborhoods that make the city such a wonderful place to live and visit. When guests stay in these neighborhoods, they bring visitor dollars to places that do not typically benefit from being a core tourist destination.

The promotion was announced at a mixer for small business owners and local Airbnb hosts in late July. “This was a great kick-off event to this partnership between Airbnb and the local village business community,” says Jason Lensch, president of the Multnomah Village Business Association. “I felt a lot of enthusiasm from everyone in attendance, and am excited to see this develop over time, and the opportunity of working with all the wonderful people in our community.”

Jason Lensch, President of the Multnomah Village Business Association, talks to local hosts and business owners about the importance of working together to promote the neighborhood.

“I felt a lot of enthusiasm from everyone in attendance, and am excited to see this develop over time.”

– Jason Lensch, president, Multnomah Village Business Association

Airbnb hosts love recommending local businesses to their guests from all over the world. Guests who stay on Airbnb in Portland stay longer and spend more money than guests who stay at hotels, and 42% of Airbnb guest spending is done in the neighborhood in which they stay.

Local hosts and business owners are working together to market the neighborhood they love.

“It was really enjoyable meeting the business owners and putting a face to their shops/services, as well as meeting more area hosts,” said Portland host Deborah Honthaner. “I found it exciting to be part of building a stronger, more connected community and exploring new ways to connect, support each other and grow our prosperity together!”

Airbnb hosts act as local ambassadors and are able to promote their neighborhood businesses to travelers staying with them. When guests discover those local businesses they get a uniquely Portland experience – that’s good for travelers, hosts, and businesses. In Multnomah Village, guests who show their current Airbnb travel itinerary will get a special promotion from participating businesses. Flyers with the list of participating businesses can be picked up at Switch Shoes.

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