Nashville Tennessee

Creativity, self-reliance, and family weave through the character and soul of Nashville and its residents, and the local home sharing community reflects that identity.

Airbnb provides an avenue for Nashvillians to use home sharing as means for economic empowerment by earning a little extra income to help pay rent or mortgage and infuse new tourism revenue into the local economy — generating a quarter of a billion dollars in economic activity in 2016. Airbnb will continue to advocate for fair home sharing rules and reasonable enforcement to protect residents’ ability to share their homes while also maintaining the integrity of Nashville’s beautiful neighborhoods.

Home sharing is a powerful economic engine for residents, local businesses, and the City of Nashville.

$246M In economic impact

$191 Milllion Estimated total spending by Airbnb guests to Nashville merchant community

349,000 Total inbound guests, staying on average 2.8 nights

Families across Nashville share rooms, entire spaces or second homes to help make ends meet


Airbnb helps ease the burden of travel for families

“There’s a bigger picture of secondary homes that I feel isn’t discussed. When you have medical appointments, to have your kids know where their beds are, and where to put their toys in the backyard to play with — you can’t recreate that in a hotel setting. Airbnb has been life-changing for families.”

Suzanne, Airbnb Host, Nashville South

Nashville Spotlight: Rebekah and Ryan use Airbnb to teach their kids about community

“Thanks to Airbnb, we were able to have enough money to take a trip with our kids that we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford.”

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We believe Nashville’s continued growth and prosperity depend on ensuring that neighborhoods remain inclusive and affordable for all residents

79% Airbnb hosts in Nashville sharing their own home

1.1% Entire home listings as a percentage of housing units in Nashville

0.06% “Full-time” entire home listings as a percentage of Nashville’s total housing stock

Report: Airbnb, Housing, and Nashville

Airbnb takes our impact on cities seriously and is committed to strengthening communities around the world.

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Airbnb travelers generate revenue for local businesses in neighborhoods that may not typically benefit from tourism dollars

“When Airbnb guests spend money in East Nashville, it stays in East Nashville.”

Quinn & Alex, Owners, FLWR Shop, East Nashville

Kevin, GM of local saloon The Sutler in Melrose

“Airbnb hosts recommending our business… it’s the best form of advertisement you can ask for.”

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Tim, Manager of popular bar Hurry Back in West Nashville

“Airbnb travelers stimulate the local economy, which is a great thing for our businesses.”

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Get local, get involved. Home Sharing Clubs are a place for hosts to connect with each other, serve their communities and support fair home sharing legislation.