Net neutrality works

July 12, 2017 has been designated a “Day of Action” to support the principles of openness and non-discrimination that currently govern the internet. These principles, codified as federal law by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), are also known as “net neutrality.”

Today’s net neutrality rules require internet service providers, such as cable companies and other broadband providers, to treat all online traffic equally and allow users to visit any website and access any kind of content they want, whenever they want.

Airbnb supports a free and open internet. Net neutrality rules have been working and these consumer protections should not be rolled back. On this Day of Action, we are proud to join with others protesting the FCC’s plans to reverse these common-sense rules.

To learn more about the importance of keeping our current net neutrality regulations in place, or to submit a comment to the FCC in support of the current rules, please visit the Internet Association’s dedicated website, 

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