The Netherlands is an increasingly popular country to visit. In 2017, 1.6 million guests visited the country using Airbnb, up from 75,000 in 2012. Airbnb Travellers come to the Netherlands to discover the rich and diverse destinations the country has to offer and discover authentic, local experiences with passionate hosts. We are open to work with cities across the Netherlands so policy makers better understand the positive economic, social and environmental impacts of home sharing.

31 Typical nights hosted per listing

€3,500 Annual earnings for a typical host

1,6 M Guest arrivals in 2017

Airbnb launches fund to support areas in the Netherlands suffering from undertourism

The dedicated fund is available to organisations in need of financial support for innovative local projects that can help solve for undertourism in the Netherlands.

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Supporting measures that work in the Netherlands

Airbnb is sharing its support for a registration scheme for home sharers in big cities in the Netherlands, as part of its vision to work on pragmatic measures and be good partners to governments.

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Rotterdam welcomes home sharing

We are pleased to share good news from Rotterdam, where the Council has adopted new rules that make it clear that people are free to share their homes with guests from around the world.

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Guests on Airbnb saved CO2 emissions of 60,000 cars in the Netherlands

Today we released a new study highlighting the environmental benefits of home sharing in the Netherlands. The study finds that travelling via Airbnb instead of hotels results in significant reduction in energy and water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste, and encourages more sustainable practices among both hosts and guests.

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Amsterdam & Airbnb

Read the news about Amsterdam and Airbnb. Find out more about local home sharing clubs, Amsterdam host and guest stories and initiatives or details on specific current regulations in the city.

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